Double Denim Trekking

Taking a hike in style

Words by Billy George
Photos by Arch Drakos

Too hipster for my own good? Maybe so. But when you're on a random little exploration session in Melbourne, you don't necessarily get the liberty to dress accordingly, especially when you're already out and about!

Contrary to this photoshoot, I've never been one to wear sunglasses. I've had glasses (to see with) for at least a decade now, and switching between specs and sunnies seemed daunting to me. 

But this pair of Rayban's really caught my eye. The all black Clubmaster with gold highlights just oozes with appeal. So I took the plunge and got them fitted up with my prescription.

Holy hell! What a difference. First of all, they make hangovers that much easier to bare, and secondly, they just seamed to suit my round head quite well!

So what more do you actually need in life?

What I Wore:

FallenBrokenStreet Fedora
Rayban Clubmaster Sunglasses
Country Road Shirt

AS Colour T-Shirt
Hollister Denim Jacket
Edwin Jeans
Blaq Wingtips