A connoisseur of cloth; the age of bandanas has returned

The devil resides in the details.

Words by Billy George
Photos by Arch Drakos

If the devil really does reside in the detail, then the coming of bandana season gives you ample opportunity to go properly satanic. Judicious use of layering, along with colour and textural contrasts, can add fiendish pep and zing to your outfit. 

Trust me, I'm not brave enough to wear a bandana wrapped around my forehead; nor wrapped around my wrist. In wearing one almost daily, I've tended to keep it snug around my neck, the essence of a scarf given away. A certain addition of substance is added, a uniform look that adds to the equation. 

It's a bold textural statement in opting for a crisp white shirt mottled together with a char-black bandana artfully draped around the inside of the collar.  

There could be no greater incentive, as the nights draw in, for embracing the dark side.

What I Wore:

Oxford Shirt
Akomplice Bandana
GStar Denim
Aquila Chelsea Boots
Burberry Glasses