A Burger Night Out

Classic Denim and Retro Vibes

Words by Billy George
Photos by Arch Drakos

Their is nothing finer in life than living in an abundance of beautifully delicious food experiences. I live for food. When experiences are packed into ever bite, it just makes it that bit more magical.

Cookery is as old as the world, but it must also remain, always, as modern as fashion.
— Phileas Gilbert

I mean, we all need sustainance right? Well, why not make it that bit better?

Over the weekend, I got down to Soda Rock's newly opened store. If you're from Melbourne, you'll know that it's an institution, and an experience. One second, I was sitting happily, chatting with a friend when suddenly, the waiters all started singing and dancing a choreographed number to a well known Beatles song, 'Twist and Shout'. I was in awe, it was so unsuspecting yet so fun! It was super late and night so the restaurant wasn't packed out but those there loved it! I know I did. And you know what sold it? The waiters themselves seemed to be having a blast! It wasn't a chore, they did it for the pure enjoyment of it!


As you can tell by now, I'm quite enjoying myself. What can I tell you? I love burgers. LOVE burgers! Nothing quite like biting into a tasty 

Something I've become a recent huge fan of is double denim, or just denim jackets in general. I've worn double denim a hell of a lot of times in my life, I'm not scared to wear it. It used to be a huge fashion faux-pas, but to hell with that - wear what you want. 

Denim coats, in general, are versatile. They can add a certain flare to well-layered ensemble, or just a nice light layer to a crisp spring night. Here, I've gone for the latter. It was a crisp night that followed a warm day so a light layer on top of a casual outfit. After a long week, a casual outfit was exactly what I needed. 

When worn casually, there is one quite simple rule that I follow. Well maybe two. One: Simplicity. Two: No clashing. 

Something that I see a lot is people wearing tan colour chinos and denim coats. The clash in tones is way too much especially when you want to keep it neutral. Denim coats already stands out enough, and wearing clashing tones is another way to get noticed. My way of wearing a denim jacket? Navy chinos or black/blue jeans in a slim cut. Just make sure that the blue jeans aren't the same wash cause you'll end up looking like Justin Timberlake circa 2001. 

Billy Georgopoulos