City Skyline at Dusk

The edge of summer never felt so good

Words by Billy George
Photos by Arch Drakos

It's the late afternoon in Melbourne. You're cruising about town and somehow end up in the inner west area, just outside the city by the highway. I tell you what, if you get out and explore your city a bit better, you stumble across some awesome spots! 

With the windows down and music blasting, we happened across what we thought would be a great backdrop, the city. And as you could probably tell, Melbourne makes for a great view. 

I think the most important part of this story though, is the fact that we stumbled across the most amazing diner. It's an American BBQ house that served the most delicate of cooked beef, pork and sausage I had had since my list trip to California. Probably the most authentic that Melbourne could offer! 

I'd share a photo for you guys, but it was eaten up that quickly that it would have been way too late to pick up the camera. 

What I Wore:

AS Colour Navy Tee
G-Star Denim
Kenji Boat Shoes
Michael Kors Watch
Bailey Nelson Glasses