Drifters, Are You Ready?!

Hit the track to see what Australia's best drifters have to offer

Words by Billy George
Photos by Arch Drakos & Billy George

Sunday's are for adventure. It's about getting out there and doing something different, something out of the ordinary. I have to say, today definitely was one of those days. Drifting was a big part of a lot of my previous life. I was always into cars through high school, and with the friends I made during university, I got more hot and heavy with the adrenalin pumping sport that is known world wide as 'Drifting'.

I always had Japanese sports cars. I still do! Something about them always appealed to me so it was a natural transition into oversteering a corner, losing traction and seeking the thrills that come with it. This was circa 2005-6, and I thought I was the coolest cat out with a revved out Nissan Skyline. Matte paint and big wheels made me stand out like a sore thumb. I guess that's why the police would pull up weekly. 

Looking back at it now, I don't miss the cars, just the camaraderie of it all. Hanging out with friends till late at night fixing our cars or out sliding through the streets causing a fuss. It was the innocence of non-full-time work, a time where there was less responsibility. Those were the days! 

My old Skyline, boy was it my baby. I loved it like it was one of my own children (I don't have children but you get what I mean). I bought it completely stock standard apart from a couple of light modifications. But as the years went by, more and more money was dropped into the sinkhole. It started to resemble a monster that would consume everything around it, including my time spent under the hood; there was always something broke. 

As time went by, I had less and less time to spare. University was finished and my freedom was gone. Working full-time meant that that late nights on school days was out of the question. The hobby became less frequent and a work car came along. Time to say goodbye to the old bird. I still keep in contact with a lot of the friends I made during those years. Some became distant memories yet others turned into some of the best friends I have today.

So, today kind of became a blast from the past. Calder Park velodrome was brimming with smoke, the smell of burnt rubber and cheers and jaunts at the drivers. I think I nearly coughed up a lung, it was hazy as hell the entire day. 

It was absolutely amazing to see some people that I hadn't seen since those care free days. I think the biggest surprise I got out of the day is seeing the progression in the talent in driving. The course they were driving was a 'S' bend that started off super wide and came into a very tight end - you could just fit the length of the car into the last bend of the 'S'. 

Truly. It was impressive! And I mean it! I doubt I could have ever driven that course like that at all. Ahhh. Memories. Yet, I think I've gotten a bit side tracked. A day like this, filled with the smell of fuel pumping through your veins called for a sporty themed outfit. I had just gotten this Boston Bruins hockey jersey that is the centre piece of the outfit. The only way to pair it is with a crispy pair of blue jeans. To top it off? My pair of yellow Mark McNairy Adidas Originals. Black and Gold. A perfect Sunday.

What I Wore:

Boston Bruins Hockey Jersey
Edwin Blue Jeans
Burberry Glasses
adidas Originals x Mark McNairy Sneakers
DoubleUFrenk Rings.