Have a Break, Smoke some Shisha!

Nothing Quite like Smoking up some Shisha on a Friday night!

Words by Billy George
Photos by Arch Drakos

I get it. Life is busy. By day, I work as a designer. By night I'm a blogger. I know it quite well. Going home from 'work' just doesn't ever really end. 

Knowing when to sit back and relax can be difficult, and if you're anything like me, you feel guilty for relaxing. Your mind constantly on the next thing. 

To me, a nice way to kick back is to spend it with close friends. 

I don't smoke cigarettes or any other legal / illegal substance except for a bit of shisha here and there. The flavours are delicious after all!

On nights like these though, it's all about comfort. Though you can't see, I have on my favourite blue jeans and a comfy knit. Add in the hat, you're set with a classy look that takes you through a relaxing weekend. 

Keep it simple!

What I Wore:

Nudie Blue Jeans
Industrie Knit
Burberry Frames
Akubra Stylemaster

Billy Georgopoulos