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The simple way to style a weekend look

Words by Billy George
Photos by Samantha McGarry & Billy George

Wait. I know what you're thinking. "Jeez Billy, it's the weekend. I got this!" Do you? Do you really? It's all to often you see guys going 'comfy' for the weekend. I get it. But you can be comfortable and look great at the same time!

I am a huge believer of simplicity. You don't have to wear expensive brands or heaps of suited layers. It's the weekend after all, that is, unless you have a wedding. 

I have a little process in dressing myself, I don't know how it started but it is what it is.

Start with the bottoms. I always start with bottoms. The very first thing I will always look for is the pair of pants I want to wear for the day. In today's outfit, I've chosen a comfortable pair of navy chinos I picked up from Jack London, a great little Australian brand that takes a load of inspiration from British punk rock. It's one of my favourite brands because they're not scared to push the envelope!

Now go to the top. The obvious next step is what to wear to cover the chest. We're going for comfort so a button up is not the obvious choice. It was a crispy morning and ended up in a Uniqlo knit in navy. 

Over the top. This was the easiest part from me. The two previous steps had seen me wearing navy so a blue toned jacket and scarf seemed to be a perfect match! The lighter navy trench is from Oxford and the scarf is from Levi's. 


On the feet? Again. Comfortable. There is nothing that screams comfort more than sneakers. I picked up these gum-soled Nike sneakers in my last trip to Los Angeles. I have never seen these on the shelf of any shoe stores in Australia so they're quite unique. I couldn't tell you the model at all. They're a perfect blend, adding a nice final touch to the outfit. 




Bling Bling. Men's accessories has been a big hit lately in everything I wear lately. The street style game has picked it up and I've gone running with it. I mean, I've always worn a watch but adding a ring or two here and there is the perfect touch!


All in all, you got to remember two things. Simplicity & comfort. That's my weekend mantra. Just because it's the weekend or you're not into fashion, doesn't mean you can't look good!

What I wore:

Jacket - Oxford Trench Coat
Knit - Uniqlo
Pants - Jack London Chinos
Shoes - Nike
Scarf - Levi's
Watch - Triwa
Rings - Doubleufrenk