Military Looks to Kill

The rise of the military bombers, and simple ways to style

Words by Billy George
Photos by Arch Drakos

Military looks have always come and gone in almost five-year cycles. Camouflage jumps in and out of mostly men's pieces; though it's not uncommon to see a woman walking the streets in some military-inspired garb. 

Don't get me wrong, I do love a good camo piece, but it's not something I can easily pull off. Somehow, I find it doesn't suit me well. So what do you look for in an everyday military inspired outfit? Keep your eye on the jackets!

Brands, from the small scale to the big fashion houses, have all now got some form of military ensemble available. So no matter your budget, you've got no excuse! 

There are certain key pieces that you need ensure when thinking military. Certain things you should and shouldn't wear with it to really complete the look. I'm not talking about looking like Maverick from Top Gun (we're not going to a fancy dress party). I'm kinda leaning toward the simple key pieces you can wear to add to the flavour of it all.  

So where do I start? Simple. Blue jeans and a white thermal shirt (if you don't have one, a normal white tee is fine). Please, just make sure it's fitted. Military isn't about the long sweeping looks that tall tee's bring to the table. Next comes the boots. The classic brown suede chelsea boot is a great go-to footwear piece for this look. It's got that vintage look with a modern twist.


In today's outfit, I've gone for the military bomber. More specifically speaking, a fighter pilot piece. It's just got that right look for me (and it's reversible to this vibrant orange colour). 

This is your statement piece! The jacket is the look in this outfit!

Lastly? Bling! You need to accessorise a little. I don't mean going over board, but a few selects and you're set. A simple watch, a ring or two and a bandana.


What I Wore:

Ralph Lauren Bomber Jacket
Gant Thermal Long Sleeve
Edwin Blue Jeans
Aquila Chelsea Boots
Triwa Watch
DoubleUFrenk Rings
Rayban Eyewear
Navy Bandana