My Love for White Shirts

A shirt for all seasons

Words by Billy George
Photos by Arch Drakos


For anyone that knows me, I have a nice little collection of white shirts. Different styles, materials and patterns. A mens staple, a white shirt is something to have in ample supply. So I thought I'd put together a short guide to the style of white shirts you should have in your wardrobe.

The classic. A simple cotton-blend white shirt you can wear casually with a pair of jeans, or tucked in to a pair of slacks for a work day. This is the one that takes you from work to the weekend very easily. 

The business. A couple of formal white shirts, in a variety of cuts, is extremely important. For the everyday businessman, this will be your staple! Im a huge fan of white shirts with a cutaway collar as they ooze sophistication, but feel free to add some with a variety of fabric styles to add texture.

The linen. When you're in the middle of a hot Summer's day, a business cut shirt will be sticky and hard to wear. Having a linen shirt on hand is strategic. They're light and breathable that look great 

The casual. Beyond the work day, you'll need a few shirts for your everyday occasions. Dinner date with your newly found partner? Night out with the fellas? This kind of white shirt is right for you! Feel free to play around with the style - I'm a bit of a fan of the navy striped ones.

It's my rule of thumb. Follow it and you'll have a successful closet of white shirts!