Red, Cream & Blue

The United States of Style

Words by Billy George
Photos by Arch Drakos

One thing you've got to understand about Melbourne. If there is a breeze coming in from the south, it's cold! No matter if it's in the middle of summer. I mean, the only thing south is Tasmania and the Antarctic. 

So fitting true to my love for blue, I stuck it out in distressed denim and a collarless shirt. That's when I stumbled across this factory setting. If you're reading this and thinking, 'Does this guy plan anything'. No. No I really don't. It's not that I'm disorganised. I just enjoy cruising about the day with no real agenda. 

No better way to do summer style, then to keep it clean, and distressed at the same time. 

I look back at this day, and reminisce at the colours of the United States. It's been a minute since I've been back so it always holds fond memories. Don't get me wrong, this is in Melbourne, but the colour scheme. It's so American. 

So why blue? I couldn't exactly give you a reason why I am obsessed with wearing blue. A lot of people wear pastels, black & white combos, and so forth. But I'm heavily stuck on the blues. This shirt alone, something that I customised with a pair of scissors (it had a collar).

The jeans that once were a proper pair of Ksubi jeans are now nothing more than tears that I helped along, including the fact that I shortened them myself (and helped along the tears which appeared naturally after years of use).  

About a week before this faithful day, I was shopping for swimming trunks (I actually ripped my last pair and realised I didn't have any!). Looking about Ralph Lauren, from the corner of my eye, I had noticed this beautiful MA-1 Bomber. I had to have it. 

I mean, look at it! The two dragons closing off on the pilot. What more could one ask for? Reversibility! (It flips inside out to this perfect orange colour). 

You want to know the best thing? It was half off! I got it at a steal, mostly because it was the middle of summer and left over stock from Winter, but holy hell! How did this jacket last all of Winter with no one buying it! The last one in my size!

Can you tell? I'm over joyed!

What I Wore:

Ralph Lauren MA-1 Bomber
Zara Shirt (Customised)
Ksubi Denim (Distressed)
Nike Sneakers
Rayban Sunglasses
Triwa Watch