Seaside Sweaters, Sneakers & Burgers

A Mid Winter Trip to the Coast

Words by Billy George
Photos by Arch Drakos

What do you do when it's smack bang in the middle of winter and Melbourne finally puts on a banger of a day? You road trip down to the Mornington coast, duhhh! It was just a tad cold still, I mean, it still is Winter. But what a glorious view!

Weekends are always the freest I'll ever be in this modern world. With a 9-5 job (well more like 8-5) and keeping up with the fashion world, I don't get much spare time to just kick back and enjoy the natural world around us. So a little escape for a photography trip was well needed!

This little area I got down to is a secluded area outside of the main bit of Melbourne town, just a 45 minute drive actually! Known to the locals as a piece of Southern France, The Pillars at Mount Martha is a sandstone haven that soaks up the sun beautifully. But for those thrill seekers, a lunge into the waveless pools of water is a necessity. 

Though I'll wait, jumping off the cliffs and into the cool Summer water will be a must-do for me! I'm a tad afraid of heights, but don't worry, I'll muster up the courage to take the leap. 

I mean, it may still be winter but I did get to 'leap' off of some rocks... onto more rocks! Ha!

Don't worry, I'll always be a goofball!

That first scene was just part of the equation. A couple of minutes drive further down the road and a bit of hiking down a steep trek got me to this beautiful scene. Though I tell you what, I had changed into double-monk strap dress shoes, and yeah. Hiking down sandstone (that has no grip) with shoes (that have no grip) was the hardest thing of my life! 

Don't fret! I made it out alive! 

I am generally someone who doesn't really wear sneakers much, but I have got to give a shout out here, to Comme des Garçons and Converse on these 1970's Chuck Taylor shoes. They're truly comfortable and stylish. My love for them is leaps and bounds over everything else in my shoe cupboard at the moment. I have neglected a hell of a lot of other pairs lately. Please don't hate me shoes!

The views were definitely worth it! The boundless blues and greens going off into the horizon were just magical. I come from a design & art background, so the inner art nerd always comes out when I look at nature and it's natural beauty. The hues of the ocean, the gradients at sunset, the tones in the leaves at Autumn... It's endless beauty around us. 

Something this magical doesn't come around often; getting a chance to bask in the glory was truly spectacular. 

Maybe this should be a new 'Mid Year' resolution for me! Get out of town more on little trips like this. Get to enjoy the life around us. See different things, meet new people; after all, that's what life's about right?! Experiencing new things!

I've rambled on quite a bit here without even talking about the reason you're all here! The outfits, fashion!

 The suburbia of Melbourne was chilly, so starting off in my favourite pair of wool slacks was a must. Paired with a navy sweater, bandana and sneakers, the scene was set, or so I thought!

Whenever I go out and shoot like this, I tend back a bag with me incase a wardrobe change is required for a different look. Lucky I did! The day completely changed so I donned the sweater and substituted a tee, whilst the sneakers came off for this double-monk straps. Oh, let's not forget the hat! 

What I Wore (both outfits):

Uniqlo Sweater
Navy Bandana
ASColour Tee
Scotch & Soda Slacks
Converse x CDG Play Chuck Taylors
Shubar Double Monk Straps
Akubra Campdraft