The Culture of Richmond

A winter coat in the heart of Melbourne

Words by Billy George
Photos by Arch Drakos

Ahhhh. Richmond. A cultural melting pot oozing with Asian flavour. There is never a dull moment when you get down to the inner Melbourne city. The streets are packed with interesting characters and bright signs, alluring you to their wares. After an eventful day, getting out to eat is one of my favourite past times. Food is a beautiful thing. I got to catch up with old friends over a good Vietnamese feed.

It's the middle of a crisp Winter's day. So what's on the menu? A good bowl of Phō and even sweeter winter's coat.

This season's hottest item has undeniably been a camel peacoat. Pairing vibrantly with neutral colours, it's a solid wardrobe staple. 

'Camel?' You say. Well it's an unusual colour for your everyday outfit. But it's such a neutral colour, it can easily pair with casual and business looks. 

Well for me, a blue toned outfit under the coat is pure perfection. The colour itself isn't new in the scene. Every third person walking by is wearing chinos of similar colour, or a tan trench. 

Break it down. Keep it simple or dress it up, either way, it works brilliantly. A favourite pair of slim blue jeans and a button up says simplicity. Dress it up with a bandana & hat, and you've added a bit of flavour!

What I Wore:

Country Road Shirt
Uniqlo Peacoat
Edwin Jeans
Aquila Chelsea Boots
Burberry Specs
Akubra Stylemaster
Navy Bandana