#isdapper in Melbourne

The Homies, Nathan & Marcel, come for a visit

Words by Billy George
Photos by Milon Quayim

Social media is a great thing. It's something that I'm always banging on about this. You gain a worldwide audience. From my fashionable friends in Melbourne to Seattle, New York and beyond, it's truly humbling to get the opportunity to meet like-minded creative people. That's what life is about to me; passion for what you're creating.

Melbourne, to me, has become a little hub of intricate fashion bloggers. Each blogger has there own style and point of view to get across, but how humble and kind everyone is with each other is truly amazing. I mean, it's crazy to think that people's passions are brought together with a simple tool. That's what social media is about; connecting like-minded people. Finding those around you, and the globe. 

Nathan McCallum, both a gentleman and a scholar, has become a fashion icon of late. With over 300,000 followers on Instagram alone, his influence rubs off on me and many thousands around the world who just want to update their look. His unique style is what sets him apart from the countless others, and his humble and quirky persona has you in stitches.

Over the past few months, I had been chatting with the man himself and I thought it time to meet the man himself when on a trip to Sydney. The person you see on Instagram, or on his Tumblr (Bangaranblog), is exactly who he is. It's not some made up character created to appeal to everyone. He took time out of his extremely busy schedule to hang out, and show me about some of Sydney's coolest vintage shops and a late late brunch (he had waffles with a copious amounts of ice cream - whilst laughing about the fact that people think he doesn't eat. He eats, don't you worry about that!). 

A couple of months after, he mentioned that his best friend Marcel Floruss, aka One Dapper Street, was coming down under. I spent the first to sentences of this article discussing the power of social media. Let me just add here that Nathan and Marcel first met on Instagram. With time, they became best friends and are now inseparable. The bromance is real!

Sometimes in your life, you get to meet some really f**king cool people. Nathan and Marcel are definitely up there! If it wasn't for Instagram, or Tumblr even, the three of us would never have met. After picking the two of them up, along with their pal Milon Quayim (a super humble dude out of Germany who was behind the lens), I showed them about Melbourne's Emporium and through the graffiti'd alleyways of the city followed by taco's on Brunswick st. 

All in all, a super awesome day. Words truly cannot express my gratitude as much as these two deserve. 

*Raises glass* To lifelong friends!