Yachts, Waterfront Views and Akburas

Sunny days in melbourne never looked so good

Words by Billy George
Photos by Arch Drakos

There comes a time in your life when you realise you need to start being a tourist in your own city. I've encountered dozens of foreigners calling Melbourne their temporary home, to only find they know more about the city and it's surrounds than I have; I've lived here my whole life!

Today was one of those days I got off my butt, and made and effort. And was it worth it? Hell yeah!


Maybe it was overkill to wear a leather jacket, but it was still a crisp Autumn day. But I'm not going to apologise. The Melbourne docklands area unfortunately doesn't get a great wrap from the locals. It's a bit too far out of the way of the city and in accessible by foot (unless you want to walk a few kilometres).

It's beautiful. The views, the calming water, the yachts and boats moored to the marina. It makes for a wonderful little escape away from normalcy. Views from an urban environment you don't quite expect. 

So we've set the scene. It's a warm day, it's obviously a weekend, and I've got time to spare. So what makes for a cool and casual look for me? By default, for me it's 'The Rocker', as I like to call it (and probably a lot of others). 

I've been wearing a lot of raw denim by G Star. The denim just fits me perfectly, but you need to find that brand that suits you perfectly, go to the shops and try on a million pairs; spend the time to get it right. Lord knows I did and it worked out for me! For this kind of look, you need slim or skinny fitting denim, otherwise you look like an out of place cowboy; you don't want that! 

What's next? A tee that rocks out harder than you look. This Saturdays Surf NYC tee is beyond comforting. Paired with the contrasting leather jacket, it adds that dark tonal layered look over the light wash denim. Now that's an instant rockstar look. 

If you know me, you know that an Akubra never really leaves my head. The crew at the cafe I frequent thought I had shaved or lost weight. Nope. Just no hat on my head. It's just something that works well for my big-ass round head, especially alongside the Clubmasters. 

So what's on the feet? Chelsea boots of course! No better way to finish this look off than a pair tastefully snug boots. Brown suede, what more do you want?

What I Wore:

Akubra Stylemaster in Fawn
Rayban Clubmasters
Saturdays Surf NYC T-Shirt
Jack London Leather Jacket
G Star Denim
Aquila Suede Chelsea Boots
Double U Frenk Rings
Triwa Watch