Winter Layers in the Middle of Summer


Words by Billy George
Photos by Arch Drakos

Melbourne weather. That’s all you can really say. Anyone that has been to Melbourne or lives here knows exactly what I’m talking about. It’s the ‘4-seasons-in-1-day’ effect that applies to each and every day. You constantly have to be on guard because a nice and warm day can quickly turn into a bitter cold storm with in a matter of minutes.

My favourite way to battle Melbourne is through a number of layers. Have it all ready to go that you can just peel off as the day changes. Wearing some of your favourite pieces together is just a start to it all. Remember, layering is about playing around - whether you keep in minimal or you want to wear it weird - its entirely up to your eye to decide what does and doesn’t work. 

To my surprise, this simple combination of layering an overcoat over a denim jacket is something I don’t often do, though I thoroughly enjoyed the outfit. 

What I Wore:

Topman Peacoat
Hollister Denim Jacket
AS Colour Tee
Zara Chinos
Rollie Nation Chelsea Boots
Burberry Glasses

It’s not a hugely expensive outfit either, meaning that it’s something any gent can put together safely and quite easily. Its more over something a lot of you will have in your wardrobe ready to go!