Keeping Post-Holiday Depression at Bay

Puffers, leather Jackets & suede Sneakers to subside my Tokyo Blues

There's quite nothing like the dread of getting back into the swing of things after a vacation. I love Tokyo and all it's bits and pieces so coming home to gloomy old Melbourne sucks. Real hard. 

Work can be a drag and feeling like you got to get back into routine can be depressing. Booo-urns. 

But it's not all a drag. Getting home also means that I can start

experimenting with all the amazing clothing that I bought overseas. Everything from the button ups and puffer vest to the coolest sneakers I probably will ever own. And with the impending Winter about to hit the city, the temperature has dropped significantly. Well you know what that means, right? L A Y E R S!

This first Melbourne outfit I've put together features two of my pick-ups from Tokyo. The first is the puffer vest - nothing exciting but it layers absolutely brilliantly into an outfit, especially considering it doesn't have sleeves so it keeps your front warm and lets you put on a jacket with the rest of the ensemble. The horizontal 'quilted' feel to it really accentuates against the leather as they're both have a natural sheen to their individual nature and would otherwise get lost. 

The next? Of course, the sneakers! These are the freshly minted Alexander Wang x Adidas skate-inspired suede sneakers. I saw them on the shelf at Dover St Market in Ginza and had to buy them. Luckily for me, they were the last pair and they were in my size. Who would have thought I could get so lucky. They did cost a pretty penny but that don't matter when you can grab a unique shoe like these! The suede upper contrasts beautifully against the gum and white heightened sole and the black laces just top it all off. 

These cool pieces, and many more that I have in my wardrobe, will just continue to remind me of Tokyo for more to come. Definitely. 

What I Wore:
Jack London leather jacket
Uniqlo puffer vest
Zara tee
GStar denim
Alexander Wang x adidas Originals sneakers
Triwa watch
Rayban specs