Acid Washed Denim & Overcoats

Simple Guide to Wearing my Favourite Combo in Fall

Words by Billy George

There is nothing quite like wearing denim. I don't really know exactly what makes me gravitate to the timeless material fashioned into almost anything these days. Denim hasn't been around for all that long, considering other fabrics like cotton or silk, yet its popularity is synonymous with contemporary and classic fashion; think James Dean!

Coming in multitude of cuts, washes and styles, denim jeans has taken the world by storm. So, how do you pair it with a coat? Well my usual go to rule is of 'opposites attract'. Don't understand? Think about the opposites of colours or opposites of fit. Acid wash denim tends to be of a lighter fade of jean, meaning that it contrasts well against a dark coat - in my case, a dark olive green trench. This contrast allows for a certain depth, especially when the right mid-layers are introduced. Pairing a lighter toned shirt/knit combo with dark toned shoes makes for a classic combination that can take you from a work day to evening function quite easily - just bring along a tee shirt and strip away the shirt/knit combo. 

What I Wore:
Zara coat
Zara collarless shirt
Uniqlo knit
Levis 501 CTs
Milu wingtips
Rayban specs & sunglasses