Aquila & I, The Grand Opening at Emporium

Getting out to Aquila's new store at Melbourne's Emporium

Words by Billy George

 From left: Sam Wines, myself & Jeff Lack

From left: Sam Wines, myself & Jeff Lack

T'was a month before Christmas, when all through the mall. Creatures were stirring, even a mouse. The racks were hung and full of clothes with care, in hopes the shoppers soon would be there. People have nestled all snug in their shoes, while visions of glamour danced in their heads. Fashionable people all in their ensembles and I in my cap had settled our brains for a long summer's shop. 

Ok ok. Poetry is not quite my forte, I'll leave it at that to not bore you much further. I'd say you get my point by now. Christmas is looming and copious amounts of shopping is in sight. So on such a fine evening within the bounds of Emporium, the latest shopping complex within Melbourne, Aquila had reached out and within seconds, I was there.

Aquila is an Australia brand that designs contemporary classics. That's the way I like to describe the brand. I love their clothes, especially the shoes. No this isn't a paid gig that I'm writing. It's the truth. Their modern grasp on the classic mens pieces is flawless. Evident in every piece, every style of shoe, every garment you touch. 

The most interesting part of the night was definitely the styling sessions run by Mr Jeff Lack, a stylist to many of the fashionable greats of Australia (and the visiting world). Fitted on Mr Sam Wines, Mr Lack coordinated a number of looks that took you from a casual weekend out and about right through to a day at the office.

If you're not acquainted with the brand, I suggest you give them a visit. You wont be disappointed.  

What I Wore:

Akubra Campdraft in Silverbelly
MJ Bale Shirt
Ted Baker Tie
Oxford Tweed Blazer
Edwin Jeans
Aquila Horsebit Loafers

Billy Georgopoulos