Bandana Shirts & YSL Boots

Bandanas on your Back

Words by Billy George

For the last couple of years, I've had a love for bandanas. I don't really remember the original motivation as much as it just came with the territory of wearing boots, blue jeans, white tees and cowboy hats. It was just a natural progression!

Bandana shirts in general and awesome - they're a fun play on a traditional print. Paisley prints have been around since forever. Not even joking - a bit of research dug up the fact that there are traces back to 1700BC in what is now Iraq, followed by making an appearance much later in Persia at around 200AD. Fun fact: In the 18th century, the American's dubbed the pattern as the "Persian Pickle"!  

Some days, you just get lucky when you walk about the local shopping mall and see a beautiful example of mastery that is bandana shirts. Generally, I've been looking for a decent, light-weight (a lot of the brands that develop the higher-quality makes are quite thick which I didn't want) button up like this since I can remember but they're quite hard to find at a good price. I love high-fashion brands but sometimes, it's just too unaffordable if you're going to be going out and buying these select pieces you've always had an eye out.

I'm not from a well-off background and I'm not rich. I work super hard for my money - so fast fashion sometimes does come in handy. But is fast fashion even that fast when you can see yourself wearing that shirt, or jacket (or whatever else you bought) for a long time? The trends are fast but when you don't subscribe to the hype. Fashion has become a trend-driven world and I'm not liking it a lot lately so staying true to yourself and your style is

But there are some things that are just worth the investment. Figure A. Saint Laurent's Wyatt Harness Boots. Yes please. I've had my eye on these boots for at least 2 years. They're a statement piece that will never go out of trend and not going to lie to you - they were the best birthday present I've ever bought for myself! What more could I want for myself! They're a narrow boot and my wide foot fits in quite snuggly so will take a little bit of wearing in but I'm loving them! The styling choices are endless! Not going to lie, I should probably do a post about the different ways to wear this boot, from casual to black tie. Well - keep your eyes peeled for that then. 

Fast fashion or not, buying rip offs and blatant knocks offs is a no no. Don't be that guy - please. I'm seeing a lot of Australian brands and retailers sink deeper into the quicksand cause of the fake market and it's not great. Ok, this wasn't supposed to turn into a rant but I'm just going to end it at that note - be good kids!

What I Wore
Zara bandana shirt
Bonds chesty singlet
Edwin denim
YSL boots
Triwa watch
Double U Frenk rings
Bailey Nelson specs