Black on Black

My Latest Go-To: Black Layers

Words by Billy George

When you think about what I tend to wear traditionally, it's always been blues & navies. It's a menswear staple that is super easy to dress up and dress down. A classic suit staple colour choice and easy to layer up - especially when it comes to brown & tan. But lately, I've been feeling a fair bit more darker. 

Black is a great choice for any season - maybe except for the middle of Summer when it's just too damn hot for life in general. But black can be daunting and hard to mix so it can often be avoided, especially for those like me, who traditionally have a wardrobe filled with navy, blue, white and colours. Well, that was until the last couple of months where I've really been loving the tone of black on black. 

Black shirt. Black denim. Black boots. What more could you want? Being able to rock it is quite simple as it seems to blend in quite well, no matter the shade of black you go for. If you're looking to the more casual side of things, you can easily substitute a tall black tee or a black band tee for the button up. Best of all? It's quite slimming! At times, I can struggle with self image - we all go through it. So wearing black to me can be quite a confidence boost! I always feel great wearing it and if that's what makes me feel a bit better about myself then god dammit I'm gonna wear it more often!

What I Wore
H&M collarless button up shirt
Levi's denim
Jack London cubano boots
Bailey Nelson specs
Triwa watch
Double U Frenk rings