The Science of Wearing Black In Summer

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It's not All Bad to Wear Black in Summer

Words by Billy George

As far back as I can remember, wearing black during summer is a big no no. "It's way too hot to wear black!" is a common phrase heard. It's quite obvious why though - the light from the sun doesn't reflect off the colour (or shade) as well as other lighter colours meaning the heat is retained instead. It's like owning a black car - it tends to get way hotter in the Summer heat! Aircon on is what I say!

I love white and tend to wear a lot of it (or have a lot more in the past), from white tees to white shirts, white pants, white sneakers. It's a fashion world filled with the colourless and ridiculously well-layered pieces that make Summer bearable. Wearing loose white clothing made from breathable cotton pieces, especially linen, is brilliant. Well until you realise you're a bit of a grub and end up staining everything. I've always got some kind of grass straight, dirty knee patch of coffee stain on my white clothes. The worst is that sometimes I don't realise and I'll put that piece back in my closet and down the track I pull it out and it has a hall of a stain somewhere you didn't even notice existed. What is life?

As mentioned before, white reflects a great deal of the wavelengths of light energy coming toward us, but the explanation is only partly given to us. The assumption given is that it's coming from the sun, that's not true, it's also being exuberated from our sweating, warm-blooded bodies which is much closer than the sun. Well you can guess what comes next right? Those wavelengths are then reflected back to you. You become your own personal microwave. Black absorbs the energy from the body instead of reflecting it back.

Now, I'm no scientist so this could entirely be a load of crock, but there are definitely benefits of wearing both black and white in summer. If there is a light wind, even better! Why? Well once the heat is absorbed, it needs a way to be radiated away. 

The key, is not wearing thick black shirts, sweaters and denim. No. It's about finding black clothes that are as light and loose fitting as the summery white pieces you'd normally don in the Summer sun.  So, if people ask you what you're in mourning for, tell them you mourn their limited grasp of physics.

What I Wore
Reiss Silk Shirt
Bonds chesty singlet
Oxford trousers
Christian Kimber positano suede loafers
Double U Frenk necklaces & rings
Triwa watch
Rayban clubmaster sunnies