Camo for the Summer

The Return of Menswear's Favourite Print: Camo

Words by Billy George

It's summer and camouflage is back! After a little hiatus in the back of our wardrobe, the print has made a return in menswear and fashion a number of surprising ways, from digital urban print as inner-lining to tiger camo blended with pops of orange. Stable. Versatile.

The print itself and military never really leave menswear, it's always been a constant topic, a constant look, a constant inspiration. Popping in and out of looks that hit the streets of fashion weeks around the world, camo reared its head majorly about 10 years ago (think boutique, not surplus). It's now fitted on nearly every men's piece of clothing, from tee and hoodies to denim and coats. Sick of it? Nahh. Never!

Some of the most creative minds behind the increasingly forward-thinking brands and fashion houses have definitely found new ways to incorporate and innovate the timeless classic. With it now passing its way through the streetwear scene, definitely, a pattern and print that's changing itself. While I'm not absolutely into the streetwear scene with what I wear tends to fall just outside of it, I can definitely appreciate the minds that are putting efforts into different ways of integrating camo looks into a collection or even just a singular, once-off, piece. Think Bape. They took the pattern, and made their own print by integrating their logo into the design. Ingenious. 

Now I did slag a second ago, but the best way to actually find some original pieces is from your local military surplus / adventure / outdoors store. While designer pieces and slow fashion becomes harder to afford when things come in and out so when you want quality, getting the right fit is just what you need. Why mess around when you can go original? I'm a huge fan of the classic greens and browns the US woodland camo - this ripstock jacket-shirt is made to blend not just into the forest (that doesn't really exist in our urban environment) but well into a summer street style look. If you're not so confident though, of rocking the not-so-subtle print, having a camo accent on a sleeve of a shirt, inner lining to a jacket, laces to a fresh pair of white kicks. The options are limitless. You don't need to stand out (or hide away) in a hurry.

What I Wore
Greek Fisherman's cap
US Woodland Camo shirt
United Arrows & Sons tee
Nudie jeans
adidas Originals Stan Smith sneakers
Bailey Nelson specs
Triwa watch

Billy Georgopoulos