Casual Fridays

chinos and denim

Keep It Simple Stupid

Words by Billy George




It's Friday morning and you've finally managed to get up and into the shower after sitting at the edge of your with frizzed up hair, your body slouched over your hands cupping your face. It's been a long week. Finding motivation can be difficult on Friday mornings to get out of bed and get to it.

But after all, remember, it's Friday and you're only a couple of hours away from the weekend. Good work! You did it! You got through the week with flair. If your working week is anything like mine, you'll be as exhausted as me at the end of the week. I have a pretty strict morning routine where I get up early everyday where I walk my dog, sketch and have a coffee before I get to the office. Why? Well for one, you need some kind of routine to keep you motivated and two, when you sit at your desk, you're ready to go to power through the day. 

Now going back to finding motivation - getting dressed for a Friday can seem burdensome for many people. This is especially for those that have a pretty strict dress code and can find it quite embarrassing to wear there normal wardrobe at the end of the week. For me, Fridays and even the weekends are all about dressing casually and comfortably.A lot of the times you'll see me wearing a pair of denim jeans but not today satan, not today! 

I woke up especially shitty this morning. I had a headache and I wasn't ready for a busy day at work. So for comforts sake, I paired up with my chino pants that I haven't worn in a little while. While I love my denim jeans, wearing chinos feels lighter and more comfortable than raw denim could ever be. The slight gold printed anchors against the black blended well with my gold striped long sleeve. Yes! Oh and to top it off? A denim jacket with matching corduroy collar. I think this basically ends the entire look. You don't need much more! Oh - well a pair of sneakers to finish off the look!

What I Wore
Ralph Lauren denim jacket
Assembly Label long sleeve
Christian Kimber bandana
Scotch & Soda chinos
Christian Kimber sneakers
Michael Kors watch
Bailey Nelson specs