Casual Weekends Call for Simplicity

Weekend Outings Call for the Blues

Words by Billy George

Weekends. What can I say? Well, what more do I need to say? After a long and stressful first week back at work, getting back to a weekend to chill out is a perfect motivator to get back into next week. "So," you're probably asking. "What does a dude like you do unwind." Well, my fellow readers. Take a seat. Let Uncle Bill tell you!

Ok, I think I talked that up a bit. It's really not that exciting, but it's something that means a lot to me. Getting to spend time with Mum visiting some kind of market in Melbourne. Getting out to see the different people of the city and their wares. It's exciting. Trialling different foods is probably my favourite part. Nothing more to life. And I get to share it with my favourite person in the world. My mum. 

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