Classics Never Die

Mixing up textures for a classic workday look

Words by Billy George

When conjuring up thoughts on what I deem as classics in menswear, I always think of thicker weaved cottons and wools layered together for a real muted look. You know what I mean? The kind of looks you'd expect from the early 1900s where the everyday working man would rock about their day. Those days where no matter what you could afford, the lads of the era would still look the part! 

Today, this look is all about texture. Mixing wools with heavy cottons and denim to get a layered in look with plenty of depth. Pairing a crisp white henley under a denim pin-striped vest blends beautifully with tonal grey wool-blend trousers and coat. The military boots, though not 100% true to the error, add a certain spark to the overall look. It's more of the modern edge you can add into it. This exact combo works beautifully in greens and blacks too, if you wanted to add that variety in there that is. 

What I Wore:
Beams beanie
Gant henley
Schott vest
Topman coat
Asos trousers
Gstar boots
Triwa watch
Assorted rings