Cowboy Blues


Wearing Navy & Brown

Words by Billy George

You've probably heard of a million fashion rules. The age old white after labor day (damn Americans) or red & green should never be seen (unless you want to look like a Christmas tree). 

I didn't really hear much of these growing up. I grew in a humble family that really couldn't afford much in the way of luxurious clothing so I took what I got and made it work. It wasn't till way later in life, around half way through high school, that these rules started to pop up and become a 'fact'. I still didn't believe them. I didn't care too much though - my outfits were fine. 

Most of these rules are now outdated and don't really apply. Fashion, the runway and street style has evolved, and your mindset needs to move on!

You know me, I love my fashion but these rules are all bullsh*t. Time to put these style myths to rest. It's the 21st century after all and listening to your grandma's fashion advice is a thing of the past!

Today's old fashioned rule I want to talk about is never wearing black with brown or navy. I know right! Who thought of that! Yet this rule is one of the most prevalent old fashion rules out there, and it's just not true at all. Like not even a little bit. In a previous article I talked about neutrals. Well, black, brown and navy are just that. Neutrals. This means you can wear them with nearly everything in your wardrobe, including each other! 

To me, a crisp pair of navy blue jeans with black shoes take you a long way. Longer than you'd think. But when you think navy, you also think brown, so pairing in a brown jacket is a great statement maker. The trio go swimmingly together. Anything goes; mix and match to suit! 

There are many combinations of these colours you can go with, even if you only wore two of the three! Think black slim jeans, black tee, brown belt and brown boots. A winning combination in my books!

My favourite thing to pair in with such a look is suede. I typically wear suede chelsea boots a lot but today I've donned them for a suede moto-styled jacket and black leather boots. Best of all? A hat to match!

Add in a brown strapped watch and some gold jewellery and you're set to conquer the world. Accessories, to me, are what can really make or break your outfit. They do say that you should never mix metals in your jewellery as well but that's another rule that's quite outdated. I love my mix of golds, bronze's and silvers. Well, when wore right; it cannot be completely random. 

I've become a recent convert of wearing a watch strapped to the outside of an outfit. It's quite a statement making premise. 'Look at me. No! My watch!' Well, with the beauty of Triwa's watches, could you blame me? This typically only really works on lighter materials that allow you to completely wear it without looking bulky. Think light-weight knit, long-sleeve tee or even a over-sized button up. 

Typically, black, brown and navy pieces are quite key in my outfits. Play with the colours, it'll be worth it! 

What I Wore:
Thomas Farthing hat
Zara suede jacket
Uniqlo knit
Edwin denim
Jack London boots
Bailey Nelson specs
Triwa watch