Creamy Smooth, with a touch of Navy

Minimal workday Outfits

Words by Billy George

Ahhhh so, your workplace doesn't have much of a dress code, but you're still expected to look clean. It's the usual 'no distressed denim or flip flops' kind of dress code where 90% of the office tends to wear the corporate polo, dad jeans and runners (hint: not sneakers, runners). Or maybe it's more of a shirt and slacks kind of office that lacks creativity, the kind where everyone rocks up in the 'safe' charcoal trousers and grey checkered shirts. No wait, white shirt. 

My office has a little bit of everything of the above. Maybe even more. There are even those that have basically given up on life and wear baggy jeans and hoodies. The kind that come and go hoping that they don't get pulled up on it.

But what if you do care, it's not so much about your job but about yourself. It dawned on me a long long while back that getting dressed in the morning was about making myself into the best image of myself, for myself. Not my job, my boss or whomever else. You know what this did for me? Confidence. It gave me the confidence to approach a challenge that would previously made me nervous. It continued to let me be taken seriously in business, in a corporate environment and in life. First impressions never lie my friends. They never do. 

Recently, my staple navy outfits haven't exactly been forthcoming for me. I needed to shake it up a tad to give me a bit of life outside my bluesy looks. The answer? Chinos. Of course! A clean pair of sandy tones to break the monotony of the everyday. 

Navy and tan have long been a colour combination in menswear. From suiting to street style, it's a subtle mix of nature. Oh? You didn't realise? The smooth tones of a sandy beach blends in beautifully with the deep and vibrant hues of the water. 

Told you.

What I Wore
MJ Bale shirt
Zara trousers
Country Road suede wingtips
Rayban glasses
Triwa watch
Double U Frenk rings

Billy Georgopoulos