Double Denim Down

There a a lot of different names; the Canadian tuxedo, the Texan tux, Justin Timberlake circa 2001… denim-on-denim has unfortunately always conjured up an infamous past, one that a lot are reluctant on. I for one am glad that it's making some sort of comeback. It started up again when Ralph Lauren recently unveiled its SS15 collection and amongst the usual pieces of men’s fashion were two curiosities. Two denim suits! They were spectacular!

Denim has conquered fashion again! With endless combinations of fits, washes and styles, denim really does follow a fashion cycle of its own. Every style of jeans – be them skinny, baggy or flared can be traced back to fashion’s greatest moments. Once it starts, it evolves quickly. It has also been apparently stated that 50% of the world is wearing a pair of jeans at any one time. That's huge when you think about it! But how can you enlighten your style with double denim?

I have a certain fondness for all things denim, in all its shapes, sizes, shades and splendor. After all, there’s a few denim style icons who really do deserve a mention when talking of double denim: ElvisSteve McQueenDebbie Harry and of course the denim icon James Dean are but a few who all wore it well through history. 

Denim is a choice you have to rock confidently. So to those who are a bit gun shy on the topic, here are some basic tips you can employ to get the right look for you.

The rules of double denim

1 No belt! It adds too much separation from the top to the bottom, adding a certain cut off that makes it look ever more peculiar.

2 You need contrast in colour: One piece should be a darker-hued denim, or even more distressed. I don't always follow this 100% (as you can see above), but it's a good start to add confidence to get it rocking!

3 Rock the chambray shirt instead of a denim jacket and follow rule #2!

4 Break up the heaviness of the look with something light: a scarf or bandana maybe? A hat? Some necklaces? Hard to say - your choice!

5 Roll your sleeves up! Highlight your skin tone! Trust me, it works!

6 Watch your footwear. Sometimes Chelsea boots may not be your best option.

What I Wore:
Bailey Nelson specs
MJ Bale shirt
Ralph Lauren denim jacket
GStar jeans
Shubar double monk straps