Drawing Guns

Conquering Military Style

Words by Billy George

In recent years, mens fashion for the general population has been mostly around practicality, not so much about being fashion savvy. This is especially the case in Australia where being a block or a larrikin (as they'd say down under) is revered. So how do you push through those barriers?

The mother of all invention and innovation in menswear has always been war. The military. The battlefield is said to be considered one of the most masculine wardrobes created. This puts pressure on the designer to cup with something fresh in a new season that pushes the bounds yet still stays true to its origins.

But it's not to see why the clothes look so good! Military uniforms, at the 19th century, were designed to be worn amongst civilians. Think the trench coat or flight jacket (like mine pictured above). The outerwear trend alone bucks standards and stays traditional - this modern era of fashion has taken that as inspiration and pushed its capabilities to new grounds. Form follows function after all, I mean think about it - military uniforms are designed to save lives. 

It's a collision course of aesthetics and practicality. Now that's innovation! 

What I Wore
Ralph Lauren flight jacket
Rats henley
Gstar denim
Christian Kimber sneakers
Godspeed beanie
Christian Kimber bandana
Bailey Nelson specs