Drawing Inspiration From Top Gun


We have a lot to thank Maverick for

Words by Billy George

It's hard to believe that TopGun was released over 31 years ago. Then again, it's not so hard to believe. I grew up watching the movie and obsessing over the whole 'coolness' of that era and spent time dreaming over becoming a fighter pilot for the Australian air force. 

May last year would have seen you overloaded with the fact that it was Top Gun Day. After its premier in 1986, Top Cruise was turned into a bona fide movie star. I mean who wouldn't. With nicknames like 'Maverick', 'Iceman' and 'Goose', who wouldn't be all that! Fast forward 31.5 years till today, it's hard to miss the inspiration you see everywhere in menswear, groundwork that was laid from the single film. 

Flight jackets became an in thing. Shearling coats are now flowing through to the smaller retailers. Military issue pieces are common ground, from shirts to boots. You can get yourself a little something inspired from the movie itself, and be quite privy to it. Who would have thought! I have a very specific reversible flight jacket from Ralph Lauren that I adore, though I don't wear it nearly enough as I should. Other luxury houses like Gucci and Saint Laurent are equally making upgraded takes on military styling by including luxuriously embroidered silks, that are strewn across the backs of celebrities that aren't simply walking out of style. 

Luckily enough, these staple pieces have proved themselves timeless by staying power. This all means that you can deck yourself out in militant-inspired gear and not look like a twit. Whether it is a bomber, a shearling coat, boots or olive shirt, it all comes together beautifully. A hint of 80s in the modern world is exactly what we all need!

What I Wore:
Rayban sunnies
MJ Bale denim shirt
White tee
Gstar denim
Converse chuck taylor

Billy Georgopoulos