Summertime Blues

The Flowers are in Bloom and the Scent is Charming

Words by Billy George

Melbourne. It's just before noon. It's a beautifully hot morning that looks like it'll carry on into the afternoon. Looking forward to a day spent eating BBQ with old friends means a comfortable outfit. Nothing too over the top but enough to flash your usual style. Well, do I have a treat for you! Blues; and I don't mean the musical kind!

One thing I should have known better was to wear denim. I'm usually always wearing jeans. But 32 degrees (celsius) at 11 am meant it was only going to get a lot hotter! Raw denim was definitely not a good idea. All I know is, I'm going to suffer the rest of the afternoon (but at least my car had air conditioning).  

Akubra 'Speakeasy'
AS Colour Tee
GStar Raw Denim
Clarks Original low-cut boots