Goldie Locks

Finally, I Bought Myself a New Car!

Words by Billy George

If you've known me for a decent length of time, you'll know that I've genuinely been looking for a car on and off for the last 2 years. No lies. It was never a commitment issue - I just never found the right car that was for me. Well until now! I think all my friends felt a sudden sense of relief in finding I finally sealed the deal!

I've test driven countless cars, from 4wd to sedans but there was always something that stopped me. That stopped me from getting to the point where I needed to sign my name on the dotted line. I knew what I wanted, I knew what features I was after, and I knew that I was super fussy. I mean, if you're about to spend 10s of thousands of your hard-earned dollars on something, well - you got to get something you love from the first moment. Almost like love at first sight!

It wasn't until I saw the new Volkswagen Golf get released that I did a little bit of research into it. Well, five minutes in I knew it was something I needed to go check out, get behind the wheel and check it out in person. That's what I did and 3 hours later I was the proud owner of the exact car I wanted! Ok so I couldn't pick it up that day but it wouldn't be long before I could put the keys in my hand and walk away as a happy man. 

I don't think the excitement really kicked in till the day I was actually able to pick it up. Of course, I was excited. But I had nooooooo idea. It was perfect. It was a sunny Friday afternoon that just embellished my excitement further. I finished up work a little earlier and headed straight to the dealership! Oh what a sight - there she was all polished up and ready to go! Amazing. The feeling was like no other. May the happiness this car has brought continue for the next (at least) five years!