The classics never die

Greens & Greys

Written by Billy George

Ahhh Summer. I cannot stand you. The heat always gets to me. I know I probably sounds like a grumpy old man but it doesn't agree with me. Bring on Winter and the layers you can just dress yourself with to keep you warm. Or the mild Spring days where you bask in the light warmth of the sun as a cool floral breeze sweeps past you. 

So when you have a formal day in the office, what do you wear in such heat? When thinking traditional suiting and their colour combinations, you tend to think black and navy. Hmm, maybe a dark grey or charcoal. But it's Summer and when the blistering heat of Melbourne is upon you, dark combinations don't really work too well. At least, they don't for me.

For me, it's light grey, white and green. Green. Nature's gift to the world. It's quite a forgotten colour in menswear of late, with the focus hitting home on blue and navy. Yet it's still so easy to layer in some green and head away from what the rest of the the men on Instagram and the like are doing. Though you could quite easily substitute a blue tie and navy coat and look just as great, why would you want to when green works on so much better levels!

I think the key for this look is wearing the right trousers to synchronise it all beautifully. These cotton trousers are just an old pair of slacks I had lying around that i had tailored to fit my measurements, then had the hem brought up above the ankle. It's summer, show a bit of skin! The grey colour is just soothing and brings together the black around my waist and on my feet together with the greens of my tie and trench.

A Colour Combination for the Ages

To make this outfit even lighter for summer, substitute a cotton shirt - which is already quite breathable - for linen. The main benefit of wearing the fabric in hot weather is for the coolness (I don't mean '2 cool 4 skool'). Thanks to the weave and fibre, linen fabric allows more airflow and it’s structure means it stays away from your skin allowing better airflow over your body. It's also highly absorbent and a great conductor of heat and is all about making you feel cool to the touch. 

I think summer shirting is quite important to pick out specifically for the season - a lot of stores will sell anything in cotton and call it summer wear but it's weaved so tight that it retains moisture and heat. Imagine that on a sweltering day. 

Shopping for the right summer pieces is important. Think light, breathable fabrics that you can feel the breeze run through you! Those shirts on the rack that you put your hands on the underside and can see skin? Yep - that's what you generally want! That'll generally mean it's breathable and light on its weave so you can stay cool during those hot days.

What I'm wearing

MJ Bale shirt
(I'm unsure of the brand) Green Tie w/ Duck print
H&M trousers
Zara tenchcoat
Country Road Derby shoes
Rayban sunglasses
Double U Frenk rings
Triwa watch