Hi, My Name's Billy & I Like to Party

This Summer's Party Shirts Have Landed

Words by Billy George

A few years ago, a genius movie came out. It was created by the lads of Saturday Night Live; Andy Sandberg and the crew. "Hot Rod". Have you seen it? That one scene where Isla Fisher is first introduced and they all say they're 'Rod, and that they like to party' has become a favourite line of mine. Not sure why that part distinctly stuck with me with the whole movie filled with zingers.

Anyways, that movie is a little beside the point. What I'm here to tell you today, my fellow readers, is this years printed silk shirt trend that smashed its way out of Europe's fashion week for men that just passed. For a long time I've been an advocate for printed short sleeves, especially when it comes to Hawaiian shirts. Pity they're a little taboo but. And I mean but! Europe has taken it's own turn and brought back the lightweight shirt that is just airy and light to wear in the summer heat, or just even as a light layer during Spring.

Dubbed by myself as a party shirt, it's a fun and playful way to add a bit of contrast in the outfit. Whether it's a black and white designed shirt made of silk (like I'm wearing above) or a lightweight cotton floral print, it's all a matter of wearing it right and wearing it with confidence. No doubt you'll get some odd looks on the street; people are ready for you and your party shirt - they won't know what hit them. So hit them back with a loud shirt that they can't ignore. 

This is what Summer should be all about. Rocking that light-weight shirt that lets air breathe right through to keep you cool and calm cause if you're anything like me, Summer is a pain in the ass. I can totally see myself in ripped denim, this kind of shirt unbuttoned with a Bonds singlet and just chains about my neck. Old School Cool. 

What I Wore:
Reiss silk shirt
Zara white tee
Edwin denim
Country Road suede derby's
Jack London leather jacket
Bailey Nelson specs
Triwa watch
Double U Frenk rings