How I Draw Outfit Inspiration

Getting the right combination to suit your style and where to find it

Words by Billy George

Finding the right outfit can take a while, let alone finding the right combination that fits right into your personal style. It's quite easy to get carried away and forget who you are with what you wear. You don't want that. Copying outfits, like anything, isn't the greatest for of flattery unto yourself. It's a major mistake 90% of men you see on the street, make. Looking alike, or buying what's on the mannequin. It does you no favour.

There are many different perspectives though,  a lot will say that copying is a form of flattery, others will call it plagiarism. This all depends on what you're doing; completely situational. Though when considering fashion styling, copying isn't exactly the best. Most designers and stylists you'll read about, or talk to, will talk about inspirations. If something is almost too much inspiration to the point it looks the same, it's not taken as flattery. 

For me, inspiration comes from everywhere. From the colours of nature to the deep deep bottoms of Tumblr. It's all there. At your fingertips, or your eyeballs - however you see it. 

From nature, we get the beautiful view of how colour combinations work. How the tones of the ocean waves mix so eloquently with the flesh hues of the sand. How the bright pops of colour of a flower's petal beautifully mix together with the deep green leaves and foliage. Nature is wondrous. Look out more. 

The next step is looking up reference. Look up your favourite bloggers on Instagram, check out the gift that is Pinterest to see the million and one collections of outfits, and (or) view the weird wackiness that is the pits of Tumblr. Whatever your taste in fashion is, use that as the base and add on. 

But lets get to the point of this article, at least today without getting into a complete essay. One of my biggest inspirations is Marcel Floruss, one of my favouritest (I know it's not a word - only an emphasis!) people in the world - if you haven't heard of him (which I reckon is bullshit), check him out, @marcelfloruss. The outfit itself is based on a cafe-racer styled outfit he put together for a charity motorcycle ride around New York to raise awareness for a charity. The moment I saw it, I had to put somethign together that worked for me, loosely using the theme I gained from his expertise. 

I was lucky enough to meet the man himself when he came down to visit with the homie, Nathan McCallum. I swear, these two are the most amazing, most humble and most creative people I have had the pleasure to meet and call my friends. Seeing their photos on a daily bases drives me to keep pushing with my fashion. With my blog. To strive to be and do better. 

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