I Hate Mondays

Weekends Are Golden

Words by Billy George

There is nothing worse then coming to a beautiful Sunday afternoon, and realising that the weekend is closing its curtains and it's time for another working week.

Once upon a time, when I was a late teen in Uni, it didn't really matter too much as the loose timetable I kept allowed me a fair bit of freedom around school work. This meant I didn't really dread the coming week and being the social animal I was at the time, the weekdays mostly felt like weekends anyways! Uni nights at the local bars and pubs were the best!

Then you become an adult and just want to die when Sunday hits. Work is no longer just work, it's a career. You can't just 'kick back & relax' as there's a whole bunch of pressure and responsibility targeted on your back. One slip and you're dead. Well not really but it's all high stakes, especially in marketing. Work becomes much more stressful that you remember and the weeks melt into months that ooze into years. Time flies. 

I remember hearing people who were in their 30s and over all talk about how quickly time disappears and the years melt away. I never believed it - no one ever does as a teenager. That's until it starts happening to you. There's no time anymore to do everything you'd want so culling the 'to do' list becomes a thing - how sad is that! Even worse is how you don't end up seeing friends as much, if at all. I remember always having a huge net of friends in different circles that I would see quite regularly. Now? Hmmm sometimes I cannot remember the last time I saw them. Nothing happens - it's just where life takes you. 

For this reason, and this reason alone (well mostly alone), I hate Mondays. It represents a loss. A old piece of my puzzle that no matter how hard you try - you never can find the time to get back. You're probably sitting there shaking your head saying to yourself, "Well get off your ass and go see friends, go do everything again!" WELL BACK OFF MATE. Nah seriously, it's all a lot easier said than done when it comes to it all. Unless you're all on the same timetable with work, which most aren't, or live close by, it becomes difficult. Some of my closest friends now have kids and priorities change. Work becomes tougher and so down time becomes a necessity. 

Why I Hate Mondays:

  1. A full night's sleep doesn't mean you're well rested. 
  2. Totally unprepared for the day; no lunch, no motivation.
  3. An unspoken bond - everyone else hates Mondays too!
  4. Social media either hates Mondays or crushes Mondays, because posting on Monday is shit no matter what!
  5. Mondays mark the end of one life and the beginning of the next, because Monday means doing it "all over again."

What I Wore
Ralph Lauren denim jacket
Zara tee
Freaks Store chinos
Christian Kimber sneakers
Bailey Nelson specs
Michael Kors watch