The Habits of a Well Groomed Man

Six tips to keep you looking & feeling fresh

Words by Billy George

Dressing up shouldn't have to be rocket science. A lot of guys that I know don't even think twice about what they wear, simply slapping a couple of things together from their closet that doesn't really make sense or work for every occasion. I mean, yeah, for hanging out with friends or casual Fridays, but for certain situations, it's not right; nay, proper.

Unfortunately, to some, it is thought of as rocket science. Inexplicably unable to piece together something that gets them through an important meeting for work, a possible new opportunity for a job. Maybe you just want to be the next street style star. Well, here's some advice that I found helped me along the way.

Now, here's a disclaimer. I didn't follow every prescribed method found through online publications or other bloggers out there throwing their advice. I went with my gut on what would work for me; as they say, everyone is different. 

Having a good sense of piecing an outfit together for such occasions is only part of the journey. There are many other steps, some that I'm not even going to bother to cover because you'll be reading past midnight. Instead, I'm going to offer the one brilliant piece, that took me to my next level. The point that people started taking me a bit more seriously. The point where I was noticed a fair bit more on the street. 

Grooming. Personal Grooming. There. I said it! Bet you weren't expecting that! There are a number of stages of personal grooming that must be taken. They don't have to occur instantly, or even straight away. Just something that should be looked at.

1. Obvious. Body Odour. It's not fun. At all. Being that smelly guy. Please. Deodorise. You'll still sweat, but you won't smell like a foot. Not even close. Your next step in this aroma crusade is picking that right cologne for you. Go to your local department store. There, no doubt will be some attendant working the department that would be more than glad to help you gain the right scent. 

2. Hair. Please. Go to a damn barber, get a cut. A regular one. Nothing worse than looking like a sloppy mess. The hair style doesn't matter, so long as you keep it maintained. Once the visit is over, make sure you visit often, In the meantime, do your hair.  

3. Facial hair. No hobo. Literally. Have a beard, just make sure you keep it clean and trimmed. Or maybe you're a clean shaver, ensuring a fresh face. 

4. Clipping. Nails. I don't need to say anything more on this. 

These next couple of tips are for the future you. No huge immediate benefit. But you'll be giving yourself a good pat on the back.

5. Drycleaning. I know it's not so much grooming for you, but the grooming of your clothes. Ensuring your clothes are freshly pressed and, of course, clean is one of the best practices you need to be taking.

6. Skincare. Now, this is where my disclaimer from earlier kicks in. What works for me, may not quite work for you. I'm Greek, so I naturally have super oiling skin so I use a lot of oil eliminator moisturising products. Along with a set of charcoal face washers, eye rejuvenators, and the like, you'll be on. 

Before this turns into an eighty-page thesis. I'm going to end it here. Yes. I know. I missed a lot. But honestly, this is a little guide to gettings started.