What to Wear with Navy Blue

Putting Colour theories to the test

Navy and blue generally have always been the colour of choice for my outfits. Go through my Instagram. Check out some other blog posts. You'll see what I mean. But the eternal question that has always plagued many in the unfashionable world - what goes with navy? Think artistically!

To understand blue you must first understand yellow and orange
— Vincent van Gogh

Ok. Maybe that doesn't make sense straight out. I've been a bit of a part time artist for my whole life. I don't remember a time where I haven't had an active sketchbook where I've spent countless hours doodling my life away. What Mr van Gogh is referring to in the above quote is complimentary colours


There's a reason why some of the most famous sport teams colours just work. Why Christmas makes you think of red and green. Let me show you (look right).


The diagram depicts the colour wheel - it's the spectrum of colours based on their placement as primary and secondary colours. In general terms, colours that are opposite each other on the colour wheel . With navy in mind, our complimentary colour in the fashion world is tan. But before you run out and buy everything tan to suit, it can vary - navy and white works beautifully together as it's still considered complimentary (think the timeless blue jeans and white tee combo).

But that's not the only scheme to consider. Another concept to consider is analogous colours. Again in simple terms, "Analogous colour schemes use colours that are next to each other on the colour wheel. They usually match well and create serene and comfortable designs." With that said, now look at my outfit above, then look at the colour wheel to the right. Yep. You guessed it. I'm wearing an analogous colours. 

The navy sweater with the darker blue coat contrasts just enough against the lighter blues in the scarf and the denim. Just to add a hint of complimentary, I've paired the blue of the jeans with the brown of the suede boots to vary it all up. These two basic artistic colour concepts is what I always think when I've opened my wardrobe doors and looked at the ample amounts of outfit choices that I have to me. Hopefully it also helps you. 

What I Wore:
Oxford trench coat
Uniqlo knit
Levi's scarf
Gstar denim
Aquila chelsea boots
Bailey Nelson specs