What Makes Neutrals So Good?

Grey, burgundy & blue. An unusual combination that works on so many levels. You want to know why? Well it's quite neutral! It blends together yet pops a little more than your average outfit colour choice. But what makes neutrals so good?

Neutral colours literally go with anything you could think of, making them a great place to begin with when piecing an outfit together or even rebuilding your wardrobe. Think black, white, grey and brown, and varying shades of these colours - beige, taupe, ivory, charcoal, olive, burgundy, navy, etc.

Neutrals are good to begin with, especially when building your wardrobe from the ground up. Worn alone or layered between more statement prints or pieces, neutrals can often be the make or break of any outfit, whether you're going for a sleek & polished look or rough & distressed look. 

The greatest benefit is that there are plenty of options and retailers who all have a giant variety to mix and match! You probably know a tone of places to find those simple white tees, blue jeans, navy sweaters, the list goes on! You probably already own a whole lot of them already! 


So, neutrals can be worn in many ways. Here are just some examples to get you started!

Head to Toe Neutral

As you can see in my outfit, it's quite head to toe neutral. There really isn't a single piece that stands out more than the rest! Whether it's earthy tones or monochrome choices, it's easy to pull this outfit combination off. Think black, navy, white, greys and so on! Safe colours to get you started. 

Ones or Twos

Sometimes, wearing a limited palette may be the easiest and most sophisticated way to get your look across. One or two neutral shades mixed together form a very tonal outfit. Think all monochrome, all navy, all anything. You get the idea. It's quite on trend at the moment, especially in women's fashion. The best advice I can give here is, mix your textures! Think a knit top and denim with a wooly overcoat. They can be all of a similar shade yet add so much depth because the fabrics just set themselves apart! 

Pop of colour

Ahh the elusive pop of colour. It can be quite tricky to pull off. Oh, as well as seasonal. Sometimes, you don't want to be caught dead in yellow where as a hue of red works well. Wearing an all neutral outfit with a single piece that stands out is a great way to add life and brighten up your outfit. An ideal way to also change up your work wear!

Statement Pieces

If you know anything about me, I'm all about statement pieces, especially when it comes to coats! Wearing a contrasting jacket adds so much to the outfit, and says so much more about your personality than you could image. Yeah, it takes a bit of bravery sometimes to rock that leather jacket or embroidered bomber but holy hell does it look good! Statement jackets are also very much on trend across fashion week street style so you're quiet in your element if you choose to wear something a bit left from centre. 

What ever your devil, choose to wear it well. 

What I Wore:
Topman coat
Asos knit
H&M longsleeve tee
Ralph Lauren distressed denim
Country Road suede wing tips
Akubra speak easy
Bailey Nelson specs