Listen all of y'all it's a sabotage

Inspiration: Beastie Boys

Words by Billy George

Growing up, the Beastie Boys were the 'in thing'. Well, after the obsession most kids had with the Spice Girls and Back Street Boys, the trio out of NYC really did it for me. Mike D. MCA. Ad-Rock. Ahh those were the days. 

There were, and still are, so many of my favourites. Sabotage. Fight for your right. Make some noice. Intergalactic. The trio were great for those catchy tunes that took the world by storm - not just the hip hop world. 

When you think Beastie Boys though, I've always pictured some kind of adidas Originals zip up jacket paired with a wide brim hat, some glasses and of course a pair of all stars or stan smiths. It's the ode to the 80s that is still kicking strong and something I tend to gravitate too quite often. It's an era the speaks to a lot of people and continues to influence fashion quite a lot - you see something of the 80s nearly every day when walking the streets. Even if it's just a pair of shoes that were traditionally worn back then, a brand, or just a colour combination (though let's not kid ourselves - colours in the 80s were super fluro so you don't see that as much unless it's for a dress up party!). 

So to kick off this blog post with some lively fun, I thought I'd collate some of the best and funniest lyrics that the trio had to offer. Excuse my mistakes - I'm not exactly known too well for my accuracy in quoting songs! My friends always laugh at me when I try to rap. 

  1. "A puppet on a string I'm paid to sing or rhyme, or do my thing I'm in a lava lamp inside my brain hotel, I might be freakin' or peakin' but I rock well" from Shake Your Rump
  2. "If you can feel what I'm feeling then it's a musical masterpiece, if you can hear what I'm dealing with then that's cool at least, what's running through my mind comes through in my walk, true feelings are shown from the way that I talk" from Pass the Mic 
  3. “I am the king of boggle, there is none higher, I get 11 points off the word 'quagmire'" from Putting Shame in Your Game
  4. “Man, livin’ at home is such a drag, now your mom threw away your best porno mag” from Fight for Your Right
  5. "Well I'm as cool as a cucumber in a bowl of hot sauce, you've got the rhyme and reason but no cause, well if you're hot to trot you think you're slicker than grease, I've got news for you crews you'll be sucking like a leech" from So What'cha Want
  6. “I don’t mean to brag/I don’t mean to boast/but I’m intercontinental when I eat French toast” from The Move (by far my favourite!)

What I Wore
adidas Originals 'human race' jacket
Uniqlo knit
Akomplice bandana
Akubra Squatter
Gstar denim
adidas Stan Smiths
Bailey Nelson specs