Rock'n'Roll and It's Role in Fashion

Listen to Iron Maiden, Baby

Words by Billy George

Ever since growing up and listening to grunge and punk rock in my teens,  I spent a lot of time studying the lyrics. This was before the internet made it easy to just 'Google' a band and find out about what was being sung about. Countless hours were spent recording my favourite tracks from the radio or CDs onto tapes to listen on my walkman.

We are talking early teens where that was all i could afford. My discman didn't come till a fair bit later so collating songs onto that was a fair bit easier! Soon after, I got myself a part time job after school hours and on weekends at a pizza shop and got myself a Mini Disc player - the new generation Walkmans! Holy shit they were great! Good quality sound and you could fit hours of songs on a tape. But that faded out right quick as technology moved onto MP3 recorded CDs. 

When in doubt, bling it out

Flash it up with a bit of bling. It all adds interest to the outfit.

So to say the least, I spent countless hours recording songs and listening to them. I remember sitting in study class in High School, listening to Pearl Jam and Live. Red Hot Chill Peppers was always a red hot fave! Cake. OMG! Cake! Who remembers them? An alternative rock band out of Cali. Foo Fighters. Audioslave. But then I would swing away from grunge and into the 70s era of punk rock. The guys that started it all out of CBGB. Joey Ramone, Talking Heads, The Stooges, Dead Boys, Hüsker Dü. I think you get the idea! I clearly remember skating about town between parks blasting The Stooges "I don't wanna be your dog" at full volume. Ahhh those were the days! Carefree. 

But it's the current trend of wearing band T-shirts that has some rockers a little annoyed (to say the least). Iron Maiden has been thrashed, yet it's debatable how many lyrics they could even recite. 

Is it ever OK to wear a T-shirt for a band you don't follow? Does it matter? Apparently band tees are for those that follow the scene.

I don't tend to follow the hype or criticising peoples choice of music. Rock whatever the f*ck you want. In growing up in a more well to do area and dressing in skinny black jeans at a school that was very much pop and RnB focused, meant i was the one out of sorts. 

I kind of like the idea of the resurgence back to the era of proper heavy metal and punk rock - I'm not much of a fan of the current hardcore scene (it's a bit too much for my liking). If this is what it takes to get the younger crowd to pick up their headphones and listen to some of where their modern day favourites came from, then so be it! 

Just remember, the birthplace of modern punk rock came out of CBGB.

"Without CBGB's, there'd be no Sex Pistols or The Clash. So U2 doesn't get inspired to form a band in Ireland. And the killers don't hear U2 in Vegas and decide to pick up guitars. The list is endless!"

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