Weekend Monkey'ing About





Words by Billy George

Weekends for me recently have been filled with work. I've actually worked 6 weeks straight now without a day off and somedays, I really do feel it. It can be tiring but you get used to the early mornings and long days and just push through it. Nothing quite like a hard days worth of work! 

While my nine-to-five is in marketing, my weekend job consists of something a hell of a lot different. I work front of house at a local cafe. Hospitality. I've worked in hospitality for a long time, mostly on and off but it's just something I know. My first job was as a kitchen hand and front counter help at my local pizza restaurant.

I never had a retail job, as much as I would have loved one at the time. Though I could probably get a weekend retail job quite easily now, I was never able to land one back in my late teens / early 20s (I was a bit of dag then, but shh, you didn't hear it from me). 

This weekend, I got to start a little later than normal. Awesome! That gave me a bit of the morning to myself before I walked my feet raw on the floor of the cafe. I took the dog for a nice little walk, did my washing (how domestic of me), and got out for a quick breakfast. 

While chillin' at this quaint little place near home that I frequent at off times, I spotted this cool little spot to check out! Well, as you can see, it didn't disappoint. One thing it did remind me of is the infinite structures pretty much permanently set up with scaffolding all across NYC. 

God I miss New York. 

I mean, who wouldn't?! But it turns out that NYC is the kind of place you either love or hate. There's no going about it - I've had good friends go, then return like as if it was nothing. I was dumbfounded, but they're entitled to their own opinion, even if its wrong! Hah!

When I go on holidays, I tend to put a pair of sneakers on and spend the day walking the streets with my camera. I'm a bit of an explorer of concrete jungles, capturing culture and eating the best food the city has to offer! That's what I miss most about NYC. Picking a direction and walking.

I remember one day, I walked all the way from the AirBnb I was staying at on East 30th to Great Lawn area of Central Park then all the way back down to Wall St. I'll tell you what, my feet were hurting after that but I stumbled across so much! The Brooklyn Bridge. Benjamin Franklin's home. Things I didn't really expect to check out. But that's the magic of exploration and what I imagine the early explorers of the new world felt when they found new lands. 

What I Wore:
Troy O'Shea engineers cap
Mr Simple sweatshirt
H&M tee
Edwin denim
New Balance sneakers

Billy Georgopoulos