Morning Coffee Run

Fuelling Station. Stop Here To Keep Going

Words by Billy George

Is too much coffee, really that bad? Honestly? I know there are much worse things to get addicted too, but how much can that extra cup of deliciously creamy substance that just makes every morning that little bit more enjoyable. Like, you can wake up in the morning, and be ok with getting to work. Or maybe just content with sticking your butt to your desk for the next eight hours.

Now as I'm sitting, sipping the dregs of my long black (americano for you Americans), I'm quite literally trying my hardest not to get it all over me. My new(ish) denim jacket will hate me, along with my white pants and white shirt. But why white?

It's definitely not a combination I've generally worn much of before. It's the middle of summer and a bright outfit that pops without too much controversy is definitely something I'm keen on. I never understood the term, "you don't wear white after labour day". Or however it goes. There's a lot of things Australian's don't get privy to understanding. We watch so much American TV that these sayings are said without meaning. 

Regardless if it's summer, pre- or post-labour day, I'm going to wear white. Whether you like it or not!

Ralph Lauren denim jacket
Zara mandarin collar button down
Uniqlo white jogger pants
Christian Kimber brown suede loafer
Rayban specs
Double U Frenk rings
Triwa watch