New Year, New Motivation

My way of staying motivated, just got that little bit more creative

Words by Billy George

Motivation; a fleeting moment where you finally get the breath of fresh air that makes you want to do something. But then, just as suddenly as it came, it's gone. It's as elusive as a unicorn. I often look at others, from successful people in business absolutely killing it, or some of my fashionable friends on Instagram, and wonder. How the hell do they just keep doing it?

What motivates one person, isn't exactly a motivator for another. People are unique, so why wouldn't their drive to do more, be more be just that too? What drives me, year in and out, is vastly different. What got me up and at it last year, is not so much something that makes me want to fling my covers aside and get my ass out of my warm and comfortable bed. Honestly, I don't even remember what it was now. 

So let me tell you what helps me stay creative. And I mean motivation to stay creative. Not to get up and go for a run to stay fit. This is what I do, daily, to keep my juices flowing. 

Ideas are elusive, slippery things. Best to keep a pad of paper and a pencil at your bedside, so you can stab them during the night before they get away.
— Earl Nightingale

Journaling. Yep. I said it. Daily sketching and writing in a journal. It's something I saw a lot of actual artists and illustrators do and it motivated me to start 2017 with a way to reflect, jot ideas and stay clear headed. I tell you what, it's only 20 or so days in, and I feel better for it! 

I've been drawing ever since I can remember, but it's always been an on and off thing. Well let me tell you, I've been sketching a lot more now! Plus the motivation to go out and create content for my Instagram or my blog, has increased tenfold. 

This is my little piece of wisdom. Take it, leave it; it's entirely your choice.