On Film

My Passion for Film Photography

Words by Billy George, Photos by Arch Drakos

I still remember the very reasons why I got into photography. I always appreciated good photos and I wanted to really get my hands dirty and give it a good shot. I was always fortunate enough to be surrounded by super creative and motivated friends so it was quite natural for me. It was one good friend of mine, who's basically my brother, that really helped me along on my journey. 

It was in an age where digital cameras were king and film was dying. All the Kodak and Fujifilm stores about town had started shutting down; not a great time to be alive if you were an avid film photographer. With a bit of luck, I found myself a perfect condition Canon AE-1 Program, a completely manual SLR from the 70s - it even came in it's original box with the lens (a 50mm 1.8) with the instruction books still in tact and the Canon strap in great condition! I was stoked! 

Not going to lie though, it did take a bit of mucking about to figure it out - my knowledge at the time was lacking but after this friend Frank showed me the ropes (and even gave me a couple of rolls of film), I was raring to go - and the photos it took were phenomenal! This was all in time before my trip to New York City - the photos turned out spectacular!

I've collated some of my favourite shots from my 2011 NYC trip. -->

The next couple of years breezed past and my love for the medium continued yet after a while, it was getting too expensive to buy rolls of films and even harder to get them developed. Now a days, we've seen a huge resurgence of film and it's actually gotten a fair bit easier! I've since mainly been shooting from a digital camera (now I have an Olympus OM-D EM5 mkii which does me well), but my appreciation is fond for film - especially seeing a lot of people around me starting to pick it up and shoot with it more. 

There is something about the outcome of film though. The warped colours, the effect - you can't emulate that with digital! It's even the patience in waiting that day, or hour, to get them developed so you can flip through the prints. But there is just the one major thing thing about film that I love the most, beyond teaching you to take a good photo or how a camera works. It's about being humble - I learnt this the hard way. With digital, you can pick up the camera, point and shoot and if it comes out bad - ok whatever - you can just discard it and move on. Film doesn't let you do that. You have to wait for that precise moment to take the shot. What you do then, is capture moments; a picture tells a 1000 words and that's precisely what you're doing! You say more! You let your photos do the talking. 

What I Wore
Topman shearling coat
Rats henley
Troy O'Shea cap
Edwin denim
Comme Des Garcons x Converse sneakers