Opening Up for the Tennis

Melbourne's prestigious tennis event; The Australian Open

Words by Billy George

I grew up playing Tennis. That was the sport I played as a kid, or what I was subscribed to. There was no particular reason my parents signed me up for it, but it's something I continued through out my childhood, no matter how many other sports I picked up and dropped. Swimming was something I did for a while - it's an Australian tradition to sign your kids up for that since we are surrounded by it and spend a lot of our lives in water. I picked up Karate for a year, don't know why I stopped that!

I enjoyed ball sports, like Australian-rules football and soccer but I never played or trained them at a proper level. It was my go to sport and what I loved. I remember I built a bit of camaraderie with the others I trained with so it didn't feel like I was being hounded. It was fun. And that's why you do what you love, right?! Due to poor circumstances from certain people, I gave it up because it became too political. Too many stupid ulterior motives. It stopped being fun and that was that. 

Fast forward a fair number of years later, you can imagine my happiness in being offered tickets to go to Rod Laver Arena and watch the Semi Finals of the Australian Open! 

I was jumping through the roof! I had obviously been to local matches, played the game myself for years, yet it was nothing I ever got the chance to go and do! Tennis, at a professional level, is something else. I know a lot of you are probably sitting there reading this now and thinking, "I've seen it on TV Billy, it's not that exciting!". Let me just point out to you, kind friends, that the TV definitely doesn't show the pace and enthusiasm the players give off. It's the interluding moments that are fun and exciting. 

On a blistering Wednesday, I made my way into the skirts of the city with my mom in tow, to watch the worlds best play for the prestigious chance of getting into the finals of the Australian Open. It was honestly like a festival! There were marquees set up in the outside grounds where you could sit and have a delicious lunch or a refreshing drink. I was blown away, and to say, it was cute seeing my mom enjoy herself and want her photo taken against the nice flowers of one marquee or sit down and have an ice coffee together. 

But back to the actual tennis! For the first half of the day, we were stuck in the open sun, meaning we got roasted quite quickly but by midday, the shade of the arena had finally hit us and we were safe. The mens and womens semi's had all pasted at lightning pace, but we got to see some great tennis from the likes of Serena Williams and Rafael Nadal. Seeing their passion from 50m away, was truly inspiring!

What I Wore:

H&M Trousers
Country Road Polo
Ted Baker Blazer
Rayban Clubmasters
Lacoste Sneakers
Adidas Cap
Triwa Nevil Watch
Double U Frenk Rings

Billy Georgopoulos