Out of the fog & into the light


how to dress up an everyday look and & bring some spark to a minimal outfit

Words by Billy George

Once in a blue moon, you wake up and feel great. I've had a good succession of them lately and I've nailed it down to one major reason. Exercise. I get up at 6am every morning and take my dog for a good 30 minute walk. Yeah I get it, it's cold, but once you get moving and your blood's pumping you end up warming up quite quickly. I do the same every evening after work for another hour. Looking at the health app on my phone, I do an average 13,000 steps a day. An average office worker is supposed to do about 3-4000. I'm well above average! 

So, you can imagine my surprise in waking up this morning, and see a world through foggy lenses, and for once it's not my glasses! At 6am, visibility was right down to about 50 metres but by the time I got ready and out there for a quick shoot, it had cleared up a bit. Luckily there was still plenty of fog to get around and make for an interesting photoset. 

So lets get back on topic. For me, dressing up a minimal look without going to outrageous is about two things. 

Statement coats.

Wearing jeans and a knit is quite generic these days. Nothing special about it. But when you chuck on that sweet sweet shearling coat, you add more than just clothes on your back, you're actually adding character. This can be any kind of coat though, or multiple coats! I could have easily layered in a denim jacket between the knit and a wooly overcoat, but that didn't feel right for this outfit.

Statement coats have fast become a theme in fashion week, with many top fashion houses designing some amazing pieces, that filter down into the emerging labels that add their twist to it. It's about getting uncomfortable with what you would normally wear, and wearing the shit out of a coat with confidence that will set you apart from the crowd. If you look at modern street style, especially what you see in Hypebeast, most of their outfits are quite simple but they're all got some kind of coat that stands out. Go back, look at those galleries again, and you'll know what I'm talking about!


The devil is in the detail. That's what you'll hear most fashion designers explain. Their is no substitute for it. When putting together a minimal outfit, then dressing it up with a few rings, bangles, necklaces, bandanas, etc. can take you a long way! When I dress myself up, before I head out anywhere I'll tend to wear all the pieces that I think fit the outfit and take a look in my bedroom mirror. Most of the times, what I've worn is a bit too much and I will take one piece off.

Depending on your sense of style, wearing too much may not work so well. For this outfit, I went for the bear minimum as I didn't want to have too much weighing it down - after all, it's a simple outfit for me. Other days, I'll wear a plain tee, leather jacket, hat and every piece of ring, bracelet and necklace I can find and strut down the street feeling like Johnny Depp. It's about choosing your battles. 


Just note, you can either choose to wear a statement coat, or bling it out with a some flash accessories. You can do both. It's entirely up to you and your personal style!

What I Wore:
Topman shearling coat
Industrie knit
H&M tee
GStar denim
Christian Kimber sneakers
Triwa watch
Bailey Nelson glasses