Overcoats & Once-Off Sneakers

Casual Fridays just got Real

Words by Billy George

Story time! Many moons ago, I used to go to a certain sneaker swap meet. Most of you from Australia or Melbourne would definitely know what I'm talking about. They were great! You would bump into so many friends, get to meet new and like-minded people. Good times. 

Once in a while, you'd find a steal of a pair of shoes. Now a days, the meets are quite over-rated and overly expensive. I stopped going because I got sick of the rubbish people were selling for triple the price you were willing to spend. I'm no tight ass, but I'm not gonna give you $150 for those ratty shoes that aren't anything limited or worth it. 

But like I said, you'd come across a great pair. For me, these were it. A fresh pair of Nike Air Max 90s in a custom NikeID designed colourway. They even came with the box and shoe bags. Even better was the price I paid - the kid didn't even care and gave them to me for a steal!


I remember walking about with these and people freaking at the buy I got. I think I made the entire swap meet jealous! They were in almost new condition, except for some wear on the bottom heel of each shoe (expected). What I loved most about them is the fact they just go well with anything! The bright pink laces and sole mingle perfectly with the baby-blue inner lining. Life couldn't get any better!

Like I said, this was many moons ago. I put them in my shoe rack and kind of, forgot about them. As I was putting my outfit together, I wanted to go with a nice and easy Friday look. I don't have too much of a dress code at work, except just looking 'neat'. After pairing blue jeans and a white tee, these sneakers came to mind. Yep. They worked. Add in the red gingham print scarf and black overcoat and I was set for the day.

What I Wore:

United Arrows & Sons White Tee
Edwin Blue Jeans
Nike Air Max 90 NikeID's
Topman Overcoat
Double U Frenk Rings
Triwa Nevil Watch

Billy Georgopoulos