Punk Rocker Sundays

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Leather Jackets & Ripped Jeans

Words by Billy George

Ahhh weekends. A couple of days where you get to kick back, relax and do what ever the hell you want. And in my case, wear whatever the hell I want. Though my work doesn't have a official 'dress code', it doesn't really allow you to rock up looking like you walked out of CBGB's in the 80s. I think my boss would have a heart attack if he saw me rock up to work like this - definitely don't want that! 

A lot of what I wear to work is typically covered in my blog and Instagram. Suits aren't really for me, it's typically tends to be a casual affair; blue jeans and a shirt, maybe a tee and an overcoat. Clean cut & minimal.

Well. Weekends are the opposite. 

Why wear what I do typically Monday to Friday when I can Rock the F*ck out. Growing up, I was a hardcore skateboarder. It's what I did in a lot of my spare time. I think that shaped what my ears listened to. Back in the late 90s and early 2000s, skaters tended to listen to a lot of Punk, Punk Ska and Heavy Metal and I've just carried that into my everyday life. 

I feel today's youth is a little around skating tends to be a lot more inclined toward hip hop and though I do listen to a bit of it, I'm much more passionate about The Smiths, Iron Maiden and The Clash than I would ever be interested in seeing Drake live or have The Weeknd on repeat. In no way am I saying they're terrible; they're great artist, it's just not my thing. I definitely do appreciate them as artists; look at what they've done for modern day hip hop, it's fantastic. They're causing fan fare that could rival the Beatles. Who does that these days! 

My taste in music has definitely carried on from my love for heavy metal and punk rock. Kiss, AC/DC, The Stooges, Husker Du, Iggy Pop. You get my drift. It's a good classic mix of music that really gets my feet tapping away. 

What I Wore:

Jack London leather jacket
Zara 1979 denim
Converse x Comme Des Garcons sneakers
Iron Maiden vintage tee
Bailey Nelson specs
Stetson hat
Rings (mixed brands)
Triwa watch
Soph.net bangles