Raw is War; Casual Friday in Double Denim

Rocking that Double Denim for a working Day

Words by Billy George

Is denim on denim possible for work? Well that's a stupid question, of course it is! Deemed once a cardinal sin that'd get you in trouble with the pope himself, the fashion world is now widely accepting it, especially in recent years. Mens fashion has gotten a lot more brazen so it's all good news for you denim devotees. 

But with work, you need to be a little more careful. I work in a very much casual environment rather than a downtown office where dress code is quite strict. You definitely don't want to walk through the door looking like Justin and Britney at the '01 American Music Awards do you? You know exactly what I'm talking about! Don't play coy with me. 

The last year in street style, denim on denim looks have definitely been a key focus. With many retailers pushing the looks and fashion designers pushing the edge. The resurgence of this rustic Americana look is, in my opinion, with thanks to the Japanese who have successfully revived the ideals of wearing different fits of denim, that pair beautifully together. 

You probably have a whole heap of denim in your wardrobe already, well that is - if you're anything like me, you could easily wear 5x the amount of denim than your average joe (I wonder if I could pull off 5 layers of denim at once, hmmmmmmm - tempting). You don't have to typically try too hard to pull it off, especially considering casual events, but we're here to talk how to smarten it up for a brilliant work casual Friday, not your weekend double denim.

How to style a smart look

The double denim look can be made to look smart. Tip: avoid loose or baggy fits as well as distressed or light washes. The darker the wash, the smarter your look will be. I'm not talking formal events - stick away from denim for those crucial business meetings. When smartened up, your double denim look can take you from work to date quite easily. 

The next best tip is to keep your denim fresh. Avoiding distressed or light-wash / aged denim can blow out the look. As with all styling, getting denim that fits you well will make you look more impressive. You get your suit tailored (well I hope you do!), why don't you tailor those jeans to fit your shape! I definitely do and it works. You get a much more cleaner and precise look. Most off the rack clothing isn't made for you unless you're some kind of lucky bastard. You don't need to spend ridiculous amounts of your pay check to achieve the right look if you get it made for you. 

Get the fit right, and everything else will follow!

What I Wore:
Ralph Lauren denim jacket
Edwin jeans
Gstar sweat shirt
United Arrows & Sons white tee
Vans sneakers
Bailey Nelson specs
Triwa watch